Hello there! I’ve combined this blog with my other blog The Red Wren and will no longer be blogging here. You can find all my content and printables at The Red Wren.

See you there!

It’s no secret that I’m an indecisive person, in fact recently the owner of a cafe asked if I’m Libran because I was having such a hard time deciding between soup or a sausage roll… (I went with the sausage roll, the soup would have been better, and yes, I am Libran). I’ve been blogging since 2005, but there’s not a lot of evidence of this because I kept moving blogs, consolidating blogs, creating new blogs, and so on. The archives of this blog and The Red Wren go back to 2008 which is probably representative of when I settled down and decided what I actually wanted to blog about, and when I purchased more domains.. although they weren’t the same domains I use now.

So where am I going with this? I’ve decided to consolidate my blogs. I see no sense anymore to have my sewing blog separate from this blog given they’re both about hobbies, and home life. There’s a reason I’m making a big deal out of this though and that’s because this blog is going to move to The Red Wren as I use ‘theredwren’ as a user name everywhere and think it would be more cohesive to keep that domain rather than this one. I also have it registered as a business should I ever make things to sell again.

I’ll be moving everything over the coming week, and will then put a redirect on this blog that will remain in place until the domain is due for renewal next year, if you would like to keep subscribing to this blog, feel free to pop over to The Red Wren and subscribe there.

Now I’m off to find out what happens to all the pinterest pins that are pointing to this address!

A few months ago I gave my blog a facelift, but if truth be told; I kind of hate it. I stepped out of my usual style and just haven’t been happy with it to the detriment of blogging.  I hastily popped a new header up a while ago while playing with some ideas and have essentially created a mess.

This is my long winded way of saying; stick with me! My blog looks abandoned, but it really isn’t. A new layout is coming along with lots more freebies, posts about Project Life as I slowly catch up, and digital scrapping which I’ve recently given a go. I may even have a recipe or two to share.


Today I have some free Easter themed filler and journal cards for your personal use in four colour schemes.

Autumn Easter CardsMulti Easter Cards

I included an Autumn colour scheme as it’s Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the more ‘traditional’ pastel schemes.

Green Easter CardsPink Easter Cards

Because Hot Cross Buns are a big deal for me around Easter I included a blank square to put a photo of your hot cross buns in, either physically or digitally. If you do it digitally you’ll need to either crop a photo square then drag it on, or create a square on the jpg file, then clip your photo to it. There are plenty of excellent tutorials on the web to help you do this.


The cards are all 3×4 and you can download them below.

<< PDF A4 SIZE | PDF LETTER SIZE | ZIP FILE (both PDF’s and the the individual JPG files) >>

I hope you enjoy them! Comments and pins are always appreciated!

It seems no sooner do I catch up, that I fall behind again.

This week I really tried to scale back on the amount of photos I used, and add some more white space.


I have purchased a few partial kits of late. This week I used Kiwi but tried to stick to a couple of colours rather than get carried away with the entire palette. It has some great review cards which had some prompts to record things I wouldn’t usually think to.


My concert ticket is just stapled on and folds back to reveal a photo looking down onto the stage and GA area, it was coincidence that the ticket happened to fit perfectly into the space between the writing as I’d forgotten to allow space for it.

The cork embellishments are ones I made myself after someone in the Project Life Australia Facebook group posted pics of theirs. Buy cork sheet, stamp away, cut out, glue on. I really like them.

Photo 4-04-2014 17 40 22

The Lentil and Kale soup pictured is amazing. I’ve been making it a lot lately and went so far as to purchase some Kale seedlings so I’ll always have some on hand. The recipe is from the Oh She Glows Blog, right here. Try it. It’s amazing.


Project life Core Kit – Kiwi

Assorted Kaisercraft ‘Captured Moments’ stamps

Cork Sheets (available from Spotlight in Australia)

Star punch

A Sakura pigma micron is my go-to journal pen at present

My trusty childhood calligraphy pen. 

I had a lot of photos to squeeze in this week. Next week I’m going to try to do something different with 3×4’s as I find if I have too many of them my layout looks more like a disorganised photo album than what is essentially a photo journal. I might try simply adding some white space around them.


I put a lot of journaling on the insert to try add some white space. Still using my own handwriting and plan to continue. The splattery cards are mine. You can download my digital ones on this site.


I used two inserts this week as I had a tonne of mine, and friend’s Instagram photos to include as our lovely friend Jen is back from overseas, so this needed to be celebrated. It wasn’t all rosy this week though as I ended up in ED with a nasty virus. They were cautious given my recent surgery, and fortunately all was well. I journaled about that in the bi-fold card at top left.


Jen and I both have a love of teal, so I thought the teal cards from the 5th and Frolic core kit were perfect this week.

The first of March is always a happy day for me because we say ‘Farewell Summer’. I decided to celebrate that occasion by making my own title card to welcome Autumn.


I know Summer lovers don’t like Autumn because it marks the beginning of shorter days, cooler weather, and ultimately Winter, but the days we get in the lead up to Winter are so glorious and wonderful. The clear skies, the gentle cool breeze, green reappearing in the garden, the colours, the smoky drives in the nearby Dandenongs, pots of tea on the deck.. I could go on and on.. but I’ll spare you.

This weeks photos were numerous and a bit dark so I broke it all up using some digi cards I made especially for this layout using my grid pattern and some water colour brushes. I hand stamped them after printing using Kaisercraft’s Captured Moments stamps.


I also made the ‘quotable Elijah’ card and plan to use it more often to keep track of some of the cute things he comes out with. You might not be able to read it, but my favourite this week was “The pig has a tail. It’s very cute. Like me!”

There’s not really much else to say about this layout. The photo collage at top left is my month’s photo a day from the Collect App. I haven’t been printing the individual cards from Collect yet as I’m never too keen when I use them in a layout, although a fellow PLifer cuts some of the white space off then mounts them on paper which looked really good, so perhaps I’ll try that soon.


Journal cards, title card, quotable card are all made by me

Kaisercraft stamps

Kaisercraft paper (the everything is lovely card)

The weather card was from The Age newspaper.

Did you notice I gave my blog a makeover a few weeks back? I have a confession… I don’t love it. In fact, the more I look at it, the less ‘me’ it becomes. I think it’s partly the formal looking black and white photo of me, and partly the white space. Don’t get me wrong, I love white space, but I may have simplified too much on this one.. something to ponder another day.

Let’s get to week eight.


This week was very much a recover from surgery week for me, so there weren’t a lot of events to include. The ones I had were bright and colourful which I felt was perfect for the new Amy Tangerine Plus One mini kit. I really love this kit. It’s not very ‘me’ but it works. I wish it were a larger kit to be honest as it is pretty versatile.


I used all my own handwriting this week and while I won’t pretend to have suddenly fallen in love with my writing, I can see that in time it will get better and come a bit more naturally to me. I used a Sakura Pigma Micron size 02 for the main slabs of writing and I’m pretty impressed with it. It turns out Col has a bit of a selection of excellent pens that happen to be perfect for journaling.

As much as I’m enjoying including an insert of Instagram pics each week, I may need to cease this practice so I don’t end up needing two albums for the year. I’m already starting to wonder where on earth I’ll store all these complete albums. I have plans to start Elijah’s first two years soon, as well as some holidays. Does anyone else think about future storage?

Late last year I vowed that I would post a freebie a week this year. That was a bit ambitious really given the amount of time it takes to put freebies together. Creating the cards themselves isn’t the problem, it’s the preview files, the pdf’s, the zips etc that takes time.. or maybe it just seems to because it’s tedious.


Anyway. This week I decided to try and create some 3×4 Project Life style cards by splattering watercolours on some grid cards and adding some stamps. I liked the finished product so much, that I decided to try and do something similar in Photoshop. I splattered some paint around on plain paper, scanned it, and turned it into photoshop brushes. I have to pause here and say how much I love the brushes. They turned out so well that my husband had trouble telling that the cards in the photo above are printed digitals, not hand done. After creating the brushes, I made my own grid pattern, some banners, then went silly with splatters, custom shapes, and text. Very silly. I made around 53 cards.

Due to the high number of cards and the large files sizes, I’ve loosely put them into categories for the PDF’s. You can either download the PDFs individually as either A4 or letter (the links are under each photo below) or you can scroll to the end and grab the zip files with all the PDFs and the individual JPG’s. As the PDF’s are quite large you may wish to save them rather than try opening them in your browser.

If you have any trouble with the files let me know. I’ve been researching whether or not I need to do something differently for Mac OS users, but can’t find anything conclusive (if you know, let me know!).


I’ve called these cards the messy set as the splatters are way over the top. They are mainly fillers, with a couple of journal cards.

Download | A4 PDF  | Letter PDF |


This set is all filler cards with various sayings. Some cards have a few colour variations, others have only one. Not all sayings are pictured.

Download | A4 PDF | Letter PDF |


Journal cards. Three different headings in various colour schemes.

Download | A4 PDF | Letter PDF |


More journal cards. These ones only contain the style of card pictured in various colours. Each colour has a black and coloured variation.

Download | A4 PDF | Letter PDF |


Or download them all!

Download | JPG ZIP | PDF ZIP |

Let me know what you think! As always comments, pinning, and sharing are appreciated. Enjoy!

This week was always going to be a bit of a challenge. I had my gallbladder out on Valentine’s Day which foiled any notions of going out to dinner, taking lots of photos, and using the Love theme kit this week. I didn’t have a lot of photos to work with, but added in some quote cards,  and cards from a friend (which were conveniently on PL cardstock) to fill it out.


The other big difference with this layout, is that I used a pad of paper and made my own cards. The paper is Hello Again from Carta Bella which happened to coordinate perfectly with some embellishments that Essie sent me. The quote card is from Elise Blaha and the love the journey came from The 36th Avenue. I felt the adventure quote was fitting given my surgery that week. I’ve blurred out my friend as I didn’t think she’d want her photo plastered over the internet.


I’ve also blurred out my wounds and hospital number. I decided to type my journal cards this week as I had a lot to say. Beneath the ‘I want to remember this’ card is four sides of journaling about my surgery. That card was a freebie from Polly Scrap Kits blog. I managed to squeeze in a Love theme card. Looking at this layout now I remember that I intended to use some of my bird washi on the journal cards to tie in with the card from Griffin.


Carta Bella Hello Again 6×6 paper pad

Freebie cards as stated in my post

Embellishments from? My guess is Kaisercraft collectibles.

Becky Higgins Love theme

Studio Calico roller stamp

Kaisercraft alphabet stickers.

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